AppTech embedded products can be found around the world across many industries, including:
  • Medical and laboratory equipment
  • Automotive and transportation services
  • Wired and wireless communication & networks
  • Gaming machines and entertainment parks
  • systems
    For AppTech, a solution is a system. End to end planning ensures a quality sustainable product with an extended lifetime and continued support, such as:
  • Monitoring, configuration and diagnostics
  • Full, complete and easy to follow documentation
  • Technical support from real people
  • Service, repair, upgrade and replacement options
  • design
    With AppTech, design is a thought process that places structure onto ideas, builds form around function and adds substance to concepts. We provide:
  • Design for your application and environment
  • Appropriate hardware and software solutions
  • Efficient event handling and response
  • integration
    Your products from AppTech will integrate with your company, your people, your applications, and will be able to:
  • Connect, calculate, control and communicate
  • Read, regulate, respond and record
  • Monitor, modify, move and maintain